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Losing cars keys are a very common phenomenon among all of us. In such cases, the best person who can help us is a locksmith. He/ she is someone who is trained in this field of expertise. His/ her job is to repair, replace or even install locks, keys, security gadgets, CCTV s, etc within vehicles according to the requirements.


Locksmiths are generally divided into various categories: commercial, residential, investigational, automotive and mobile. The automotive locksmiths are the ones who take of all the lock and key problems in vehicles. They mostly offer a mobile service, which means that they have mobile vans with the help of which they can reach any location within minutes of a call. There are various locksmiths available. They may work individually or in groups under any organization.

Lost Car keys| Replacement Car Keys

Replacement Car Keys

When working individually, you can get their numbers if they have registered themselves. In terms of groups, one can call their office and depending on the location, a locksmith will be send, the one who is stationed closest to the location.


In today’s world, the most important thing that one looks for is security. Security is in fact the most important and necessary thing that one looks for. Hence, this is where the locksmiths come in. They can repair damaged locks of the car, replace them with new ones within few minutes, they can detach damaged keys from locks, they can make spare keys in case of stolen or lost keys, they can cut and program car keys, reinstall keys, etc.


In terms of lost car keys, auto locksmiths are the best people to take care of such situations. A lost car key is definitely a serious problem. A good locksmith will be able to provide immediate and prompt service and thereby make a new key. They can perform this job very fast which would even save one from being forced to tow their vehicle to a dealer for transponder programming.

 Lost Car Keys  – Auto Locksmith

Also, one should be aware of the fact that worn out and old keys are more likely to get damaged soon and can easily be broken into. Locksmiths can also take a look at the keys, inspect them and in turn give you proper advice as to what should be done with them.


It is advisable to visit a locksmith In case of lost or stolen car keys first before thinking of going to the dealership. Dealerships generally charge way more than locksmiths do and hence, going to a locksmith would save one a lot of money. One should compare the expenditures and costs and then decide on whom to call.


Lost Car keys
Lost Car keys – Replacement Car Keys

Also, before asking for a locksmith’s help to replace a lost or get a spare key, it is important to collect all information about one’s vehicle. In terms of information, what is included are: vehicle insurance, vehicle registration, its identification number, model number, and other necessary details.


After the locksmith arrives, the first step should be to hand over all details of the vehicle according to the locksmith’s requirement. It is also important to be present there while the locksmith does his/ her job to cut a new car key. The cut key should definitely be mated on the car’s anti-theft system. This job is mostly taken care of by dealerships.


Hence, above mentioned are some of the ways to take care of a lost car keys. The lock system can also be changed so as to secure further break-ins. The locksmiths or the dealership can be a great help in this job and can help with one’s problem of a lost car key.


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Spare Car Keys






Spare Car Keys are most often misplaced, lost or stolen. In case a car key is stolen, it could be a matter of real anxiety. Hence, what comes in next is getting replacement keys. In case of stolen keys, the first step should definitely be to file a complaint for your missing car keys. You may also call the car’s insurance company so that they could cover the costs of a replacement key in terms of your insurance policy.



The next thing one will need to do is either go to the car dealership or a locksmith for a spare key. But before that, one should get ready all the crucial documents that may be required. The documents that may be required are: car’s registration information; the car’s insurance (as mentioned above); the car’s identification number; its model number; year of the car and also other details.


Getting a spare car key is the easiest with the help of a locksmith. It is better to go to a locksmith before going to the car dealership. This is because in most dealership cases, they will most possibly tow the car away. In such circumstances, you may have to wait for the new key for about two weeks.


However, in a similar circumstance, a locksmith will be able to check out your car and with the car information will get you a replacement/ spare key as soon as possible. It will be just a few minutes unlike what it would take in case of the dealership.

For all the people unaware about a locksmith, they are trained professionals who can provide emergency services to people in need regarding their vehicles. They normally provide mobile services and work for all day and night. They can work in groups or individually. They normally use computer software to fix problems so that the work can speed up. They also use advanced technologies and techniques in order to reach your location and fix the problem within minutes of their arrival at the location.


They provide various services. Some of them include rekeying existing locks, installation of new locks, lock repairs, gaining entry to vehicles, making spare keys in case of stolen or lost keys, extracting broken ones, repairing damaged or worn out locks, etc. They also tend to provide other facilities. Some of them are: program car remotes, car ignitions and locks, replace car FOBs and keyless entry remote, replace worn out keys, replace lost or stolen keys, etc.


A locksmith can not only make a spare key for the car but they can also ensure so that the lock need not be changed. This can happen mostly for new cars as modern car keys are mostly programmable.

Spare Car Keys

It is however important to check whether the person you are hiring is reliable, skilful and reputed. Although they are known to be licensed and insured, it is very important to check their ID cards, license, employment ids, etc before hiring them. A lack of proper enquiry may lead to danger, as they may turn out to criminals or robbers which could in turn become harmful for you as well as your car.


Hence, it is best to be prepared in case you lose a car key. Therefore, keeping the phone numbers of a good automotive locksmith can be a good idea. They will definitely be able to solve your problem faster than any other services. Also, in terms of spare keys, getting the help of a locksmith would be wiser as it would speed up the work and not leave you without a car for about two weeks.

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Car Key Programming



These days there are a lot of digital gadgets and tools that can make your life easier. Even as late as a decade ago, there were different type of electronic car door unlocking devices. The car key programming that goes into these types of devices does not take a lot of time for a locksmith and can be done well with the right kind of assistance. However, there are ways that you can mess up your own auto key programming if you are not careful. This article will help you understand what to avoid and how you can get new programming done.


How to Avoid Broken Car Key Programming


There are many different problems that can come when you have car key programming issues with your car. You may not even realize it, but you could have broken the keys yourself. There are a few things to make sure you don’t do when you are using the physical car key device.


First of all, make sure that you do not drop your car keys too often. As you will find out the hard way, the wiring within the keys can be damaged if you drop them often or even just once from a high altitude. Just make sure you don’t try to have any friends catch them at the bottom of the balcony and you will probably be safe.


Sometimes water damage can also cause malfunctions with car programming as well. You do not want the electronic circuits within the device to start to get destroyed.


car key programming

Auto Locksmith car key programming

Getting New Auto Key Programming


If you want your automobile to have the proper key programming, it is best to get a locksmith to help you. There may already be damage to your device and with the help of a locksmith, you can get things fixed so that you can utilize it again.


Without a properly functioning car key, you are most likely going to run into a wide variety of different frustrating problems. Sometimes the keys just don’t work properly if there is any malfunction at all, which can cause alarms to set off and other problems. It is best to get the vehicle key programming taken care of so that you don’t have any frustrating problems in the future.

car key programming


Why Car Key Programming is Important


There are also other safety concerns about your car key programming that is important. For those times when you just have the device and not the actual key, it is imperative that the device work or else you cannot get inside your car. This is a huge problem when there is some type of malfunction or there is a defect due to negligence. If you are trying to get in and it has broken, without a key you are in huge trouble. This is the main reason why contacting a key locksmith can help you to get the right programming so this never happens and you never get caught without a way to get into your own car.

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